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What is a "trunk show"?

Hello. If you look up the definition of the word "Trunk," you will find amongst its meanings:

Please, note definition number 4.

Trunk: a large box with a hinged lid for storing or transportation clothes and other articles.

That is precisely what our shop is like: a trunk full of goodies for riders, mostly for woman. At the "BRAMMOTO Trunk Show," we cater to female riders, mostly in Northern New York state, showcasing and selling clothing that was created by either a woman or a family-owned small business, apparel that is stylish, protective, and that fits in our busy lives.

Think of our "trunk show" as a little biker boutique. But since BRAMMOTO, as a business and a brand, came from the way we live our "in-between" time, it was essential for us to set it as a small family operation.

In other words, it had to fit in with our lifestyle, respecting the reality of our geographical location, our job schedules, and our parenting responsibilities.

We also wanted to make it kid-friendly so that Vince can take part in shows and trips.

Check out the making of our "trunk show" in the video below.


by Gabi

In the early 1900s, my great-grandfather arrived in Brazil from Lebanon to build a new life. He settled in the countryside of São Paulo State, where he began to sell household goods and sewing materials. He traveled from farm-to-farm, with his merchandise in a buggy.

Later the family established a brick and mortar place in the city. Years passed, and the new generations went on to more academic careers. And even thou, I don't remember the year the family store closed its doors, I am one of the few in my generation who got to take naps under the store's countertops.

Fast forward to a new millennium, and here I am: like my great-grandparents I too migrate from my home country to build a new life. In 2019, not only I established this business, but I also finished my naturalization process, becoming an American citizen; and I am selling goods in a traveling show.

Can life be more beautiful than this?

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