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The #DreamProject

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Our family has a 1964 #Honda Dream - 305cc. It belonged to Barret's Grandfather Mr. Parker, who bought it back in the day as his commuting vehicle. Later, in the 90's, he passed the bike to Barret, who rode it for years before upgrading to a bigger bike.

1998: Gabi posing with the Dream in Catskill, NY

All these years, 55 to be exact, "The Dream" has been here for us. It was Barret's first ride; it was my first ride; and mostly likely it will be Vince's. I've actually been posing on this motorcycle since before Barret and I were even a couple.

Anyway, to celebrate it's 55th Anniversary, and to help us cope with the ridiculous Northern New York winter, we finally took the step of putting the bike in the shop and tearing it down for a full restoration/customization.

And since this is such an unique project (keep in mind Barret is a pharmacist, and I am a journalist), we decided to make use of this beautiful platform called the internet, to share our experience.

The Dream Project

As much as we want to keep the antique look of this bike, we also agree that some parts make it look heavy and old. This is why besides restoring it, we will customize some parts.

In the end, we hope to have a nice looking, and a reliable bike to take on longer trips, to shows, and, of course, get Vince on it when he comes to age.

You can follow us as The #DreamProject comes along on our YouTube channel at BRAMMOTO . The series is called "The Dream Project" and we already have 3 episodes out.

The complete playlist for the #HondaDream re-built on our YouTube channel.

by the way

If you, like us, have your shop time and like to take on projects like this, leave us a comment or suggestion. We are looking forward to connect with other riders/customizers around. Just remember we do it as a hobby, and a way to stay connected doing something we both like and are passionate about.

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