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Our son's first motorcycle ride

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Vince was 7 years old the first time he went on a real motorcycle ride (around the house). And his smile...

2017: Our son is now 7 years old, and I'm pretty sure that in his little mind he may have been a rider since day zero. And I suppose our habits do not tell him contrary. Since he could understand the world, Barret and I were always two "happy campers" as the riding season started in the very North of NY State. Add to that, the always present grands, who loved to host the little one for sleep overs, when we wanted to go for a long date ride.

Although we were (and still are) very happy with the "us" time, we also couldn't wait for that day when Vince would be tall, heavy, aware, and balanced enough to become a motorcycle passenger, so he could start joining us on little motorcycle trips - usually a lunch or ice cream run.

According to NYS DMV:

there is no age legal restriction for passengers on motorcycles in New York State.

The thing is, as parents who really love motorcycles, we tried not to push him to it. Barret and I had it very clear within ourselves, that we were going to try not to influence his decision of riding or not riding with us.

We wanted it to be on his time.

So, last year, he asked to try "Daddy's new motorcycle", and Barret took him for a ride around the house. That was Vince's oficial first ride, and by the looks of his face (photos below), I knew he was getting hooked.

After the ride was over, he was happy and didn't ask to ride again.

That was until, this year: not only has he grown, but he also took the training wheels off of his bicycle. Huge milestone for the little man. So, recently, we were riding out to meet up with him, and Barret's family, at a local car show, with the plan that Vince was coming home with us, on the motorcycle.

As we geared to head out of the house, we packed his gear too: a proper fitting helmet, a pair of gloves, the thickest pair of pants he has, and a thick coat. That was huge for us.


As all our attention and focus was in to make that day, that ride, and that moment the most secure and memorable we could, there is no photographic or video registration of the exact first ride. The photo above, was his second ride - on that same day - when we went for ice cream. But, I can tell you this: he loved it.

Vince is a particular fan of dirt bikes, so later that day, I also got this little shot of them riding around the house:

And so the saying goes:

Motorcycling isn't safe. And we know it. But we also know that living isn't the safest thing either. Yet, we brought another human to the world and we are raising him strong, confidente, and respectful of all matters and things. So, on that note: as Vince grows on the back Daddy's bike and learns from our biker behaviors, we hope he will be as mindful as us when we ride safe.

What about Mama taking the kid?

Guys, for now, I (the Mom) don't have the confidence to carry him. But, I also would like to tell you, dear reader, that I'm not big fan of bikes with wide tanks, like the Honda Shadow, aka "the mule" being the one we picked for Vince's rides (when out of the yard).

Do you take your kid on motorcycles rides?

For more information about riding with your child remember to check the rules with your State's DMV. For New York here is the link: Child passengers on Motorcycles.

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