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Let's talk about riding pants

Did you know road rash injuries can be fatal? And that there are three levels of road burn, just like if you were to be burned by fire? Well, if you didn't know about that, now you do. And as the saying goes: "knowing is half of the battle."

Point is: both Barret and I are from a generation that grew up riding cars with no seat belt or car seat. Yes, we survived just fine, but knowing as much as we do today, we don't do the same to our son. I also remember riding (backpack) motorcycles all over my hometown, in the countryside of São Paulo State, Brazil, with no helmet. Another example of something I wouldn't do knowing as much as I do today.

Total throwback, circa 2013.

At BRAMMOTO we are an ATGATT - All The Gear, All The Time - kind of crew. That means, helmet, gloves, jacket, closed-toe shoes, pants, etc. And we made it part of our mission to empower riders to go further wearing proper riding gear.

Here is where I'll talk to you about riding pants. Made with material that offers abrasive resistance, often equipped with hip and knee pads, these pieces are like a helmet for your skin. And as the female riding community grows, the market is waking up to fulfill our style needs, combining fit designed for the woman body and safety.

When I started riding on my own, in 2012, I became obsessed to find a pair of pants that not only would protect my leg from accidental exhaust burns, but that would also give me a chance with the pavement. Years went by, and I got a small collection. But, all this while, my greatest struggle was to find something that would fit my needs, my budget, and my curves.

Yes, there was a lot of returned purchases, size exchanging purchases, and a few disappointments with the final product upon its postal delivery. But overall, I've been riding with Kevlar-lined pants since I was able to hold the throttle myself.

The pants featured in this article are made by the Brazilian company, Corse. They are Kevlar lined and come with removable knee and hip pads. The outer shell of these pants is made with a cotton and elastane blend, that is light enough for warmer days and very form fitting. The high waist of Corse's pants will protect you from showing too much when in riding position; and they do make the cropped top look sharp.

Respect your curves

Another brand of riding pants we are excited to carry is GogoGearLA (picture bellow). Their riding leggings, fully Kevlar lined, can be used as is or as an underlayer for colder days. One of the best investments for your biker wardrobe.

Ideas and tips

If you want to learn more about riding pants, brands, and styling ideas, send me an email or leave a comment below. As a multi-brand store, and BRAMMOTO's inventory curator, I'd love to hear more about your riding style, your impressions, and needs on riding apparel; and as a style fanatic, I'd like to help you find clothing that translates your personality while also protecting your beautiful skin.

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